These Tuxedo Strawberries Are The Perfect Awards Night Snack


We can’t predict who will win this year, but we know these chocolate treats deserve to win Best Dressed! Melted chocolate is such a simple way to add flair to strawberries, and your guests are guaranteed to think these are cute.


In place them on a baking sheet lined with wax paper.

Put both kinds of chocolate chips in a separate bowl and add half the shortening to each.

Microwave the chocolate chips for about 45 seconds, then stir and repeat until the chocolate is soft and the shortening has completely melted in.

Then, repeat the process for the white chocolate.

Once the chocolate is melted, dip the strawberries by holding the tip.

Start by dipping the strawberries in white chocolate, letting the excess drip back into the bowl.


Chill the strawberries for a few minutes until the white chocolate is a little firm.

Next, dip the chocolate at an angle into the regular chocolate to make both sides of the chocolate “jacket.”

Put the strawberries on the baking sheet when you’re done.

To add the details, put some of the melted chocolate into a very small piping bag, or a Ziploc with the tip of one corner cut off. Draw on a chocolate bow tie and two small buttons.

Once you’re done, put the strawberries in the fridge for about an hour. The chocolate should be firm when you serve them.

And the award for best dessert goes to….you! Congrats, you totally deserve it! Have a strawberry to celebrate!


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