Virgin America brand to be retired April 25

On April 25, the Virgin America brand will officially be retired.

Alaska Airlines announced that customers who previously flew with Virgin America will begin using only the Alaska website for checking in or finding flight numbers, as well as using only Alaska’s mobile app and call center.

At the 29 airports across the United States and Mexico that are served by both Alaska and Virgin America, the branding and signage will only represent Alaska Airlines starting the night of April 24. Customers must check-in at Alaska’s ticket counters and kiosks and use only Alaska gates.

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In addition, all signs and screens at curbside locations, lobbies, ticket counters, gates and baggage areas will change to Alaska branding. Travelers may still see Virgin America painted planes in service, but tickets for the aircraft will be sold under the Alaska name.

“We’ve been working behind the scenes for over a year, investing thousands of hours of planning, preparation and testing to make sure this transition goes smoothly for all our guests,” Alaska executive Sandy Stelling said in a statement.

Combined, the new Alaska employs more than 23,000 people, but the airline is still asking travelers to be patient as the company fully integrates Virgin America into the every-day operations.

Over the coming months, Alaska will be painting airplanes, upgrading cabin interiors, installing satellite Wi-Fi and launching new food onboard.

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Philippines’ ‘Inflatable Island’ goes viral on social media

Travelers are going wild for an inflatable “Unicorn Island” that has been unveiled in the Philippines.

Complete with waterslides, rainbows, and of course — giant unicorns, the inflatable island is an explosion of color straight out of your wildest dreams. And a whole lot of fun.


At a whopping 4,100 square meters, it’s the biggest inflatable waterpark in Asia and is located in Subic Bay, nearly 130 kilometers west of Manila. It features giant swings, towers, slides, a trampoline, rock climbing, a “human launcher” and more. There’s even a giant blow-up horse called Baba.


The inflatable island has attracted a lot of attention on social media, with more than 150,000 Facebook followers.

Entry fees start at just $12.30. So are you ready to party?


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Bus driver fired for watching YouTube videos while driving passengers

A bus driver was caught on camera watching more than the road — viewing clips of classics like “Mrs. Doubtfire” and browsing YouTube while barreling down a New York highway earlier this week.

The unidentified driver for Tour America was spotted by passenger Barry Fisk after the bus left Manhattan around 8:30 a.m. Monday. Fisk, who was headed to Woodbury Common Premium Outlets with his wife, said the driver started watching videos on his phone immediately after shoving off.

“Honestly, I wanted to get up and kill him,” Fisk, of London, told The Post Friday during a phone interview. “He was putting my life, my wife’s life and the lives of 52 other people on the bus at risk. I was so, so angry.”


Fisk said he bought the ticket through GetYourGuide, a booking platform for bus tours and other attractions. The company has since been temporarily suspended from the website, a spokesman confirmed Friday to The Post.

“In this case, the driver in question was in breach of local law and our own safety standards, and we regret that our customer Barry Fisk was put in an unsafe situation as a result,” spokesman Will Gluckin said in a statement. “We’ve reached out personally to Mr. Fisk with a full refund and our sincere apologies.”

Fisk said he considered telling the driver to stop, but was convinced by his wife to leave the situation alone out of fear of the driver’s reaction.

“My wife is not a very good traveler,” Fisk said. “She said it’ll make it worse. I said, ‘It can’t be worse, the guy’s not in control of the vehicle.’ It was so blatant.”


Fisk said the driver was just as distracted by his phone on the return trip home, even putting in an earpiece.

“My wife almost had a panic attack,” Fisk said. “When we took the return trip back, she asked me if it was the same driver and I lied to her to get her back on the bus. She’s not a good traveler, but this guy was going all over the road, too. It was a bad journey.”

Sharon Kowalska, director of Tour America, said she contacted the bus company, New York Bus Charter, after receiving Fisk’s complaint. The driver was “immediately” fired by the company after managers saw the video, she said.


Messages seeking additional comment from the Brooklyn-based bus company were not immediately returned, but a man who answered the phone confirmed that the driver seen in the video had been fired.

Under state law, it’s illegal to use a handheld phone or electronic device while driving, including talking, sending or viewing or taking images and playing games.

Delta passenger toppled drink cart, threw coffee before attacking air marshal, police say

A woman on a Delta Air Lines flight was arrested Thursday after she toppled a drink cart, threw coffee on passengers while running up and down the aisle before assaulting an air marshal, police said.

Sarah Maria Beach, 45, was on a flight from London to Salt Lake City, Utah, when she allegedly went on a rampage that ultimately left her handcuffed for the remainder of the trip, FOX13 Salt Lake City reported. She doused coffee on passengers, knocked over a drink cart and “repeatedly” ran up and down the aircraft’s aisle, the criminal complaint stated.

Martin Nicholls, who was on the flight, told KSL that Beach “literally sprinted” down to the end of the plane.

“She literally sprinted down the end. And I mean she’s only a small woman, really,” Nicholls recalled to the news station. “Everyone’s becoming very concerned because, I thought, we’re at 30-odd thousand feet over the sea. What if she tried to open the door? She couldn’t get to the back door but then she ran again.”


Nicholls said Beach, an American citizen who lives in London, tossed a cup of coffee into the air, hitting the ceiling that caused the liquid to go “down the walls.”

“It went over probably about six or seven passengers, some, almost, to the other side of the plane,” he said.

The flight attendants then asked the federal air marshals on the flight to help with Beach. The unruly passenger was initially calm with the air marshals and escorted her to the bathroom three times.

“After she finished in the bathroom the third time, she jumped on the back of one of the air marshals and placed her hands on his head, neck and jawline,” the complaint stated. 

A second air marshal pulled Beach off his colleague’s back and handcuffed her. 

Beach was charged with misdemeanor assault. She was arraigned on Friday and ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation.

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American Airlines employee receives prison sentence for trying to bypass security checkpoint, yelling threats and racial slurs

An American Airlines employee has been sentenced to 14 months in prison after trying to bypass a Transportation Security Agency checkpoint at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, and then threatening, cursing and using racial slurs at police and airport security once they turned him away.

Jordan Moore, 31, was sentenced to 14 months in prison and two years of supervised release on Friday, over a year after his arrest, by a federal judge for interfering with security screening personnel at the North Carolina airport.


According to court documents, the incident took place on March 30, 2017 at about 5:25 pm, when Moore attempted to go through the airport’s TSA pre-check line without the proper boarding pass.

TSA officers denied Moore access to the express line. In response, Moore called a TSA supervisor a “b—- ass n—–” and threatened “to kick his ass” and kill him, the Charlotte Observer reported.

Moore went on to unsuccessfully try to get through two other pre-check lines before American Airlines security agents and police told him he could not fly and ordered him to leave the airport.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers were leading Moore out of the airport when Moore used the same racial slur at the TSA supervisor and then fled down a flight of stairs and jumped on a departing bus, the Charlotte Observer reported.

Moore returned two hours later and tried, again, to get through the TSA checkpoint.

A TSA officer who had seen Moore’s photo shared with security personnel, asked the man to wait. Moore instead walked to baggage screening and placed his luggage on the conveyor belt.

“I am not going to do a f—— thing,” Moore told an agent, according to the indictment. “I am going in. Just watch me.”

Police approached Moore, who attempted to continue with his baggage screening.

“You cannot stop me, I am an airline employee,” he said to police, the Charlotte Observer reported.


The police officers tried to remove Moore’s personal items from the screening table. Moore tried to grab the bin from the officers and cursed and told police “Don’t touch my stuff.”

A police officer tried to detain Moore who “violently resisted arrest,” according to court documents. Five police officers came to restrain him.

Initially Moore pleaded guilty in November to a single count of interfering with security personnel.

Moore said he accepted responsibility “for what I actually did,” but he told the judge he “just wanted to go home” to see his family, find a job and apply to pharmacy school, the Charlotte Observer reported.

Cat misses flight after escaping carrier at John F. Kennedy International Airport

A 29-year-old woman was forced to head to China alone after her beloved cat, Pepper, escaped from a carrier at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

Pepper’s owner, who was not named, works as an attorney and was relocating to China for a job. She was checking in for her flight late Friday morning when the cat’s carrier fell and the door popped open, causing the feline to flee.


According to New York Daily News, Pepper jumped onto the check-in counter and then leapt onto a low roof of the check-in kiosk before running away.

“It’s a lovable cat,” the owner’s friend, who also requested not to be named, told New York Daily News. “I don’t know why it ran off. I think it was in shock with everything that was going on.”

The friend shared a photo of Pepper hoping someone would see it running around the international terminal.

The Port Authority Police Department conducted an exhausted search for the pet on Friday hoping to reunite the worried traveler with Pepper, but could not locate the missing animal.

“She was really upset,” the friend said to New York Daily News. “She was crying for hours. She had that cat for four years. I think she got the cat originally in California at a shelter.”


Port Authority police are still searching for the black and white cat, as are travelers — some of whom reported seeing “the tail of the cat,” but have not been able to capture it.

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Woman fined $500 for saving free Delta Air Lines snack

A Colorado woman is facing a $500 fine from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for saving a free apple she received as a snack from Delta Air Lines on her way back to the United States from Paris, France.

Crystal Tadlock told Fox 31 Denver, toward the end of her flight from Paris, flight attendants passed out apples in plastic bags as a snack. Tadlock put the fruit in her carry-on to save for when she was hungry during the second leg of her trip.


Once Tadlock arrived in the U.S., she went through Customs and her bag was chosen to be randomly searched, Fox 31 reported. Tadlock says a Customs agent pulled out the apple in the plastic bag with Delta’s logo on it.

When questioned about the snack, Tadlock explained she received the apple from the airline and asked if she could throw it away or eat it, Fox 31 reported. The Customs agent allegedly told her no and fined her $500 for carrying the undeclared fruit.

“He had asked me if my trip to France was expensive and I said, ‘yeah.’ I didn’t really get why he was asking that question, and then he said ‘It’s about to get a lot more expensive after I charge you $500,'” said Tadlock to Fox 31.

Tadlock said the innocent mistake could end up costing her bigger than just the $500 fine – she could also lose her Global Entry Status, which allows pre-approved, low-risk travelers to have expedited clearance into the U.S.

Tadlock told Fox 31 she’s frustrated with the incident and feels Delta should not have passed the apples out to customers or should have at least reminded passengers not to take the fruit off of the plane. She also thinks Customs could have handled the situation differently after seeing the fruit was in an airline-marked bag.

“It’s really unfortunate someone has to go through that and be treated like a criminal over a piece of fruit,” said Tadlock to Fox 31.


A CBP spokesperson said in a comment to Fox News that “all agricultural items must be declared.”

“Prohibited items that are not declared by a passenger are confiscated and disposed of by CBP. More importantly, civil penalties may be assessed for failure to declare prohibited agricultural products and may range up to 1,000 dollars per first-time offense for non commercial quantities. If the items are determined to be for commercial use, violations will be assessed at a much higher rate,” the statement read.

According to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website, “every fruit or vegetable must be declared to a CBP Agriculture Specialist or CBP Officer and must be presented for inspection.”

A spokesperson for Delta said in a statement to Fox News: “We encourage customers to adhere to U.S. Customs and Border Protection policies and requirements.”

Tadlock is planning to fight the charge in court.

Alexandra Deabler is a Lifestyle writer and editor for Fox News.