New York’s Hottest Cafe Serves Goodies Inspired By Kellogg’s Breakfast Foods

You may not realize, but Kellogg’s – the company behind your favorite breakfast cereals including Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes and Eggo waffles – has their own restaurant in New York City.

The Kellogg’s Cafe, which opened in Manhattan last year, serves upscale versions of the brand’s cereals, along with other treats like hot chocolate and birthday cake doughnuts.

Now, the cafe is introducing a line of new creations that look absolutely delicious, including a portable s’more and doughnuts made of cereal.

Kellogg’s NYC

The new products are thanks to the cafe’s successful Pop Tart Cafe event last month, where some of them debuted. The restaurant’s menu of fancy cereal was never very popular, but they’re hoping these eye-popping new twists on breakfast food will be.

To celebrate their new direction the cafe is featuring some meals inspired by New York, including a Frankenstein monster of food that they call the #Coffeedoughnutshotdog.

Kellogg’s NYC

It combines a “sausage” made from cocoa Rice Krispies, a coffee-flavored doughnut bun, yellow vanilla icing “mustard” and green gummy bears for “relish.” Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert.

Kellogg’s NYC

Another new menu item had crowds lining up outside the store to try it when it was introduced last month. The Dem Cookies, Dough milkshake mixes a regular chocolate milkshake with cookie dough, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream until it’s almost overflowing.

If you want to sample these yourself don’t wait, you only have until April 12, when a new line of special menu items will be introduced.

I’m booking my plane ticket now to try that milkshake!

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