Make Rainbow Grapes with the Kids Bring Some Fun to Snacktime!

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Spring and summer are coming up, which means it’s time to start pulling out fun snacks for the kids to enjoy in the sunny weather! Rainbow Grapes are exciting and easy to make, and can be made in all the colors of the rainbow!

All you need for this simple snack are some grapes, jello packages in any colors you like, and toothpicks! Give ‘em a roll, chill and get munching!


  • 3 pounds seedless grapes
  • 100-150 toothpicks
  • Large bowl of water
  • Flavored Jello, in the flavors/colors of your choice


  1. Start by submerging your grapes in the bowl of water. Put a toothpick halfway into a grape, at the top where the stem was once attached. Repeat this for a layer of grapes until you have a good portion ready to go. Make sure that your grapes, themselves, are still primarily underwater.
  2. Pour each flavor of gelatin mix into its own container – deeper containers will be easier to work with than shallow ones. Removing one grape at a time, roll the grape in the gelatin mixture of choice. If the coating is light or spotty quickly dab one side of the grape into the water bowl and return it back to the mix for a second turn.
  3. As you dip and coat your grapes place them in a parchment lined cookie sheet to rest. Once your sheet is full, or all grapes have been dipped place the tray in the fridge (or the freezer, if desired) until chilled. This serve best cold, when the coating has hardened and creates a fun “shell” texture. Once they have chilled they can be popped off of the toothpicks and served as is.
  4. Note: Some gelatin mixes will be white when they are initially poured, and only show their true color once wet/dipped. Colored mixes tend to yield a more vibrant color. Regardless, the color of your grapes will darken as they chill and set.

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