Bubble Waffles Are The New Street Food You Have To Try


Hot dogs, hamburgers, and bagels are typical street foods, but I bet you didn’t know about bubble waffles.

The delectable grab-and-go treat gained popularity in Hong Kong, and recently showed up at food trucks in New York City, London, and New Zealand. It has also become available at shops and cafes across the country, so keep an eye out!

If you love waffle cones or waffle ice cream sandwiches, this will become your new guilty pleasure. Made with egg batter and a special mold, the bubble waffle is slightly crispy, sweet, and puffy.

Typically, a freshly-pressed waffle is rolled up with whipping cream, sliced strawberries, bananas, caramel, ice cream, and chocolate syrup. You can even get a savory-style waffle with ham, cheese, and avocado tucked inside. The best part? It’s made in record time and wrapped up in a cone shape so you can enjoy on your lunch break while walking down the street.

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